Watch Us Play Grand Theft Auto Online Heists!!

You want to see Matt and Mike play GTA Heists together? Check out their videos on their youtube channels! The videos we’re showing off today include the first two person heist. Matt(Silv3rback006) takes the role of the driver and Mike(SpikeGhetti) takes the role of the driller.

Watch the two separate videos below and maybe try the game for yourself!

Here is Silv3back006’s version

And here is Spikeghetti’s version.

Stay tuned for more GTA Heists!!

Episode 003: Secret Admirer

This episode Matt and Mike are joined by Austin and Addison. Topics discussed are  favorite games of 2014, most anticipated games of 2015, and Matt playing The Legend of Zelda РTwilight Princess. We also answer some listener mail.